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Puja Honoring Ceremony

TIME: 7:00 – 9:30 pm
LOCATION: Oregon Tantra Sanctuary, Ashland  

($10+ gesture of appreciation suggested)


Puja is a Sacred Act of Honoring
The Divine within Your Self & within Others



Join us in March for our next

Puja Sacred Honoring.

Contact@DrZeb.com or phone Dr. Zeb, 541-292-9876


An Embodiment Journey in the Puja Tradition

Honoring the Divine in Self and Other


      Puja is a traditional Hindu form of worship. A Puja ceremony can be as simple as silent prayer in front of a spiritual image or object, and as complex as a many-days ritual involving purification, communion with the divine or another, and worshipful meditation.

      At Chakra Garden, our Puja Ceremony is designed to help you heal your emotional injuries and thereby enhance your experience of your essential nature. This experience of Self (essential nature) alive in your body (embodiment) allows you to meet others from an inner wholeness that makes your contact honest, and without hidden fears and attachments. You learn to release your longings so you can be freely alive in your connection.

      We begin each evening Puja Ceremony by creating Sacred Space and honoring the God/Goddess (the divine aspect of Self) within ourselves. Dr. Zeb & Dakini Candance guide an embodied non-dual meditation so that you locate your essential nature within your body. As a group, we form an inner circle and a surrounding circle (non-gender specific) and meet our starting partner with open eye-contact and breath attunement.

      As the evening progresses, the inner circle remains stationary while the surrounding circle moves to the next person, as directed. Each new meeting creates a “station” where Dr. Zeb & Dakini Candance guide you in an experience that first honors your own autonomy and then helps you unveil the "divine" within the person standing across from you. Each station lasts 3-15 minutes, depending upon the nature of the guided experience. The practices at each station are determined by the evening’s theme and are cultivated from each of our life-time of experience and study in body-mind healing techniques, ancient and modern, from multiple disciplines and cultures.

      Puja Honoring Ceremony at Chakra Garden reflects deep respect for personal boundaries. The attitude is focused on awakening all your senses and your entire body/mind including the chakra life-energy centers. Along the journey, you will learn practices that help you release unwanted patterns that keep you closed-off from others, plus discover ways to heal emotional pain and to fill yourself up from the inside.

      Please arrive a few minutes before 7:00pm for Puja Honoring Ceremony. We offer a safe, non-gender specific environment for deepening your exploration of self in connection with others. There is no nudity or genital contact. Our Ashland sanctuary space is a safe, respectful, supportive, healing environment.  

     We request donations ($10-$50 suggested), in the spirit of supporting our contemplation and preparation of these unique healing adventures (no one will be turned away for lack of funds).

     Contact Dr. Zeb (541-292-9876) or Dakini Candance (541-324-6021)

to secure your participation, or with questions. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early.


Everyone Welcome Boundaries Respected

Questions & Registration Phone Dr. Zeb: 541-292-9876


Dr Zeb Lancaster & Dakini Candance Cave, each informed by more than 30 years of professional experience, education & yoga, have together guided healing journeys in Ashland since 2010. Dr. Zeb Lancaster, PhD, in private practice as a Somatic Counselor, Sex Therapist & Rolfer®, also guides Embodiment Process Group for emotional healing in an on-going, Tuesday evening class. Dakini Candance Cave offers Energy Tune-ups, guides the simple embodiment meditations of the Realization Process® privately & on Wednesday evenings, and shares plant wisdom from the Wise Woman Tradition.


Dr Zeb & Dakini Candance guide regular monthly healing journeys (Puja) & quarterly couples’ adventures that combine Yoga & Somatic Psychological practices, plus weekly Embodiment Meditation classes, at Chakra Garden of Ashland.