A Private Retreat Sanctuary




Welcome to our Garden Sanctuary




Nestled in the Heart of Ashland, Oregon.

Guest cottages and therapeutic opportunities.

An easy place to rest, rejuvenate, enjoy.






Chakra Garden of Ashland is designed as an extension of the somatic therapy work of your hosts, Zeb Lancaster PhD & Candace Cave. We have found that uncovering new ways of being is made easier and more meaningful with experiential, sensory based learning. And that spending time with the natural world brings us closer to a deeper inner experience. So we are gradually creating a natural sanctuary in the heart of a bustling town. Our Intention:

To create an herb and flower garden expressing

Yogic body/mind/spirit healing principles of

Matter/life-energy (prakriti) and

Essential Self/fundamental consciousness (purusha).

There are 7 distinct sacred areas in Chakra Garden of Ashland, each related to expressing the attributes/qualities of one of the primary chakra life-energy centers.

Given time, our dream is that everything found within each sacred area in some way has a sensory healing relationship with that chakra, be it color, sound, smell, story, medicine properties, energetic qualities, etc.

Eventually, there will be space within each chakra area where a person can repose privately to attune to the healing qualities for that chakra.

Imagined Garden Walk

Open the garden door on any cottage at Chakra Garden of Ashland. Step out onto a particular path and wind your way along through our healing garden.


Stroll the paths of our budding urban paradise to discover seven unique areas. Each sacred space is devoted to healing one of your body’s seven energy centers, called “chakras” in the yogic/ayurvedic healing system.


For instance, if your heart is grieving, you might seek solace in the center of the garden. You could enter the 4th chakra space in the heart of the garden. Sit on the bench and soothe yourself by rocking gently in the shade. Inhale deeply the relaxing aroma in 4th chakra, or lay yourself down for deep rest and nourishment, upon a bed of chamomile. The therapeutic properties of this familiar plant are so powerful, medieval monks relied upon chamomile beds to heal the most depleted patients (seekers) and to encourage the well-being of those recovering from long illnesses.

Or, you could dance around the firepit in 3rd chakra space to strengthen your sense of autonomy.

Or, you could swing in the hammock in morning bamboo shade, allowing 6th chakra space to deepen personal Insight.

Or, you could write truth while sitting at the umbrella table in 5th chakra space.


Or, your could ground yourself in 1st chakra space, under a grandmother-ancient apple tree or enjoy yoga on the lawn as the sun rises over Grizzly Peak or sets behind the Chakra Sanctuary.


Or (some future day), You might want to encourage your own aliveness, so you’d take a towel with you to 2nd chakra space, soak in a warm tub, and then lay down to love yourself (or your beloved).



Our Chakra Gardens are an evolving adventure. You'll find wildflowers and perennial plants, fruit trees, shade trees, lots of medicinals and edibles. In 2015/16, we're just beginning to organize the healing plants to reflect the chakra qualities. Even so, there are already many areas that we enjoy and some chakra areas available to explore for healing this spring. And all of the indoor areas ready to provide you with wonderful, sacred space for deepening experience and sense of wonder.







The Buildings


Proudly standing at the front of our garden property is vintage Chakra Santuary, our home and workplace. Dr. Zeb’s office is entered through the front door. You’ll discover many deep healing possibilities such as embodiment meditation classes, couples counseling, herbal wisdom, guided yoga, intimacy therapies, and bodywork.


The long northern property line, fronting Hersey Street, between N. Main and the alley at Lori Lane, presents a charming row of small buildings. West to East these buildings are: The Temple House, an original building, now a modern 2-room cottage with dancing Dakini at the door; Arbor Studio, a newly built "tiny house" space shaded by our grandmother grapevine; Lhasa House, an original building, now a spacious Zen-like studio with street entrance as well as garden access; plus newly built tool shed and storage loft.                    

                  Breathe your own rhythm  Feel life-energy flow

Discover your personal space.

Explore the inner quality of your body, mind, and spirit. 

Enjoy unique ambiance and experience.

Uncover your essential nature at Chakra Garden of Ashland.

Love your body and your Self.