A Private Retreat Sanctuary





Welcome to Temple House


                  Breathe your own rhythm  Feel life-energy flow

Chakra Garden of Ashland is the workplace and home of your hosts:

Zeb Lancaster PhD & Candace Cave. Dr. Zeb is onsite guest host at Chakra Garden, plus maintains a full time, private therapeutic practice, trained as a somatic psychologist, Rolfer®, and Yogi. Candace (Dakini Candance) is online liaison for Chakra Garden guests and enjoys a part-time therapeutic practice onsite and online.  We look forward to sharing the garden and/or therapy with you...

We invite you to discover your personal space.

Explore the inner quality of your body, mind, and spirit. 

Enjoy unique ambiance and experience.

Uncover your essential nature at Chakra Garden of Ashland.

Love your body and your Self.